Laughing at You

I thought I might try another way to tell a story about poker. Listen to it below or download it.

This is not a bad beat story. It’s not meant to be, mostly because I was not the target of this misfortune, but rather the benefactor. What was interesting to me was how the cards seem to take my opponent on precisely the worst emotional journey they could. It’s bad enough to lose a huge pot, to feel unlucky, and worse, that you had made a large blunder for nearly all of your chips. But then on the next hand to get the best of the best, AA, to flop a set and be virtually assured of the pot… and then to lose that pot, to the hand that you held previously, to lose it in spite of such huge odds in your favor… well, I’m sure it was not a pleasant night for him.

By the way, the song is Lil Rooster by Gringo Motel and was acquired from The song is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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