Thanksgiving Day

A few photos from Thanksgiving, 2008. This first one is of my father peeling potatoes. We agreed to have dinner over here. Dad decided to pitch in by making mashed potatoes. He claimed he had never made them before, ever.

Dad, peeling potatoes, Thanksgiving 2008
Dad, peeling potatoes, Thanksgiving 2008

My nieces were home from college and I managed to get a couple shots of them as well.

Also my niece

Another photo

I’m a big fan of using the available light when you can and also taking photos when your subject isn’t thinking about you taking a photo. I wonder what the instinct to smile for the camera is all about. It must be a learned thing because in older photographs you don’t see as much smiling. There is also something about black and white images that are particularly nice. For instance, this is one of my friend Galen.

Galen explaining her hobby
Galen explaining her hobbie

She came to an event for a Peoria singles club that I run.