My Kindle arrived

My Kindle arrived today. I ordered just over 5 weeks ago.

The Kindle arrives.

I couldn’t wait to open it up.

Cutting open my Kindle

It’s packaging looks a bit like a book.

Kindle packaging

Just turn it on, it’s ready to go.

Kindle Start Up

The manual is loaded right onto the device and ready to read. It also had a number of samples already downloaded and ready to read which I had chosen from

Already loaded Kindle

The screen is hard to describe. It looks great. The pixels are tiny, it compares well to a printed page of text. And the screen saver images that appear when you shut it off are pretty neat too.

Kindle’s screen

My first impressions are very positive. Two negative things:

  1. The faux leather case is embarrassingly bad. It works fine when it’s closed and in transit, but it fits the device more like a flip flop fits a foot then a glove fits a hand.
  2. The side buttons are easy to hit on accident.

Both of these problems have been well documented. I’m guessing that future models will address this.

However, so far the rest is great. I love the feel of it. The screen is excellent for reading. and I love not messing with a book binding to read. It rests in my lap and I just press a button to switch pages. Perfect.

I would write about it more, but I’m eager to finish reading the sample pages from Good Calories, Bad Calories.

9 thoughts on “My Kindle arrived”

  1. Should I try to get one of these before my next trip (end of May), or wait for the next gen?

    I recently lost my iPod*, which I used on the subway and gym, and I’m wondering if I might put the money I was going to spend on another toward this, which I could theoretically read on the subway and gym (treadmill/elliptical).

    You’re the only person I know who owns one.

    *Well, it was stolen. I wouldn’t buy a $400 eletronic device if I had just misplaced a previous one.

  2. Eric, it’s perfect for travel. I’d say get it before. It will also be great for reading on the Subway (not so sure about on the treadmill, but it’s worth a try).

    While I’ve heard a few small critiques made over and over (buttons too easy to push, the cover is kinda crap), I haven’t heard of anyone who has a Kindle who doesn’t like it, and most people love it.

  3. the Kindle has evolved since Kevin originally posted. I too had the older version pictured here. Not to brag…but the NEW version is awe plus some.
    I love it, it beats having six tons of books to box up and move every time I change apartments, I feel better about NOT cutting down trees, and its just amazing to have a book delivered to you in like nine seconds.
    LOVE my kindle.
    As for people who now have iPads. Sorry. Your 800 dollar ipad does not compete with my 190 dollar Kindle, so dont even try.

  4. I just recently bought the new Kindle in black. The back button on my old one broke, and the battery was getting rather weak. So I bought a new one. It’s pretty nice, but I haven’t had a really good long deep read with it yet. Perhaps on my trip to NYC this weekend, I’ll give it a try.

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