Announcing the Improv Resource Center Podcast

Yesterday I published my first podcast and added it to iTunes. It’s called the Improv Resource Center Podcast and it will live over on my other website (the Improv Resource Center).

I’ve been wanting to create a podcast for some time, but I wasn’t sure what shape it would take until a few weeks ago. I decided to make it very focused and relatively short, in the hope that it becomes a very practical resource for myself and others. I’m going to interview improvisors–teachers, coaches, directors, performers–and ask them to describe exercises and techniques that they are using in their rehearsals and classes. The interviews will be between 5 and 15 minutes, and their purpose will be to spread exercises around and inspire people to come up with new techniques.

For my pilot episode, I asked Rich Talarico from Dasariski to help me out. I called him up and he shared two exercises that he uses in his classes. I’ve already got a few more friends lined up.

I’d like to get all kinds of people on this podcast, not just my friends and not just those who share a similar improv background, but people from all kinds of improv theaters and groups across the country and beyond, veteran teachers and new coaches alike. If you are interested in sharing an exercise, email me at

By the way, this was inspired by a thread on my website where people will describe improv exercises that they use in their rehearsals.

2 thoughts on “Announcing the Improv Resource Center Podcast”

  1. Loved the concepts of eliminating the game show buzzer “wrong” mentality & of working with what’s in front of you and going with it rather than wishing something else was in front of you. Good stuff.

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