The Unprocessed Food Diet – The first two weeks

What is the unprocessed food diet? It’s pretty simple. Follow these guidelines when preparing food for yourself.

  1. Eat unprocessed, whole foods like meat, eggs, nuts, vegetables, fruit. Buy it fresh when possible, but frozen is fine too.
  2. Cook foods simply without adding oil, spices, sugar, salt or anything else.
  3. Do not mix foods together.
  4. Eat smaller portions than you are used to.
  5. Eat as often as you like, and as much as you like overall–no need to count calories.
  6. Eat as many of your meals like this as you can, and especially avoid chain restaurant meals and processed foods from the supermarket.

Here are some sample recipes:

  • Fill a 1 quart microwavable dish with fresh spinach to the brim. Cover and cook on high 2 1/2 – 3 minutes.
  • Grill a piece of chicken or fish until done using only a little unflavored Pam if necessary
  • Wash and slice a tomato.
  • Clean some mushrooms and boil them for 20 minutes

I think you get the idea.

I have been on the diet for about two weeks now. For the previous two months, my weight bounced around from between 191 to 196 pounds. I didn’t weigh myself on the day I started, but lets assume I was 192 pounds around February 2nd. On February 9, after doing this for about a week off and on, I was 190 pounds. This morning, after the 2nd week, I am 187 pounds (my lowest weight for the week was 186 pounds). This is the first time I’ve cracked 190 pounds since August of last year and I have been exercising and trying to eat well this whole time. So it seems to be working.

It is not necessarily the easiest way to lose weight. While I can fill myself up on these foods, I often do not feel satisfied. I also found myself gorging on a seven layer dip at a party when I was given the chance. I also feel a bit like I’m trying to break an addiction, to what in particular, I don’t know. But I often have the feeling of my belly being full, but my tongue craving some taste or sensation that it’s not getting. This is beginning to diminish, but it’s still there.

While I’m trying to do this as much as possible, I’m also still eating a few of my meals out at restaurants or at functions where my friends might bring some food. I also anticipate that as time goes by and I get closer to my goal, I’ll be able to loosen this up a bit, still eating many of my meals like this, but perhaps adding some seasoning and homemade sauces back into the mix.

UPDATE 2/17: I think I found another way to give me that satiated, satisfied feeling when I’m full but still seem to want more food. Yesterday I drank a glass of organic whole milk. It seemed to do the trick. I am going to try drink a small glass (6 oz) to cap off my hunger after meals and at the end of the day.

UPDATE 2/18: Adding this chart to see progress.
My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

13 thoughts on “The Unprocessed Food Diet – The first two weeks”

  1. Two questions:

    1. What about all the health benefits from strongly flavored foods? I notice you aren’t consuming a lot of onions, garlic, lemons, chilis, strong fish (unless you are). All of those contain a lot of useful nutrition, but I doubt you’d just eat a roast onion.

    2. What about nutrition from spices? Ok, I’ll leave out salt/sugar for the moment, but herbs pack a lot of nutrition, and unless you are going to down a tablespoon of cilantro leaves you aren’t going to get any trace elements that exist in a lot of herbs.

  2. I think the things I am consuming are pretty nutrient dense on the whole, lots of green leafy veggies for instance. Plus I imagine that over time I will start using simple recipes which might include more of what you are suggesting. However, I have found that over the last year or two, I have been cooking with lots of spices and strongly flavored foods and it’s prevented me from losing the weight I need to lose. When I make a nice stir fry with onions and garlic and spices, I tend to eat 4 or 5 portions of it, rather than 1. And I tend to crave things like it intensely, which is exactly what I’m trying to avoid.

  3. On week five and doing fine. I’ll keep posting about it as long as I’m on it. Seems sustainable to me. Although I anticipate loosening it up a little when I get close to my goal weight.

  4. By doing this the way you are, your metabolism will increase and you’ll burn calories faster. Thus when you reach your goal weight, you should be able to loosen up a bit. Personally I enjoy the foods this way. However when I go to a friends house or go out to dinner occasionally, I eat what I want. If you can add walking to your diet, it would definitely help. I diet the same way you do. My weight goes up and down just like yours, but on a steady decline as you show on your graph. The less processed the foods, the easier your body can break them down.

    Where my wife comes from, they hardly ate any processed food and very few people were overweight. They also walked a lot. When I first visited, every place we went people were feeding us. I was never hungry and was sure I had gained weight while there. To my surprise after just 3 weeks, I had lost 14 lbs. After recounting my meals and activity there I found simply that eating unprocessed foods and walking did the trick.

    Part of the problem we have here is that there are too many “convenient” foods that are quick to fix, but are not healthy and extremely processed. Part of this diet is just realizing you have to take maybe an extra 15 minutes at times to prepare something healthy.

    Hope it’s working out for you. Overall I’ve lost 20 lbs this way since I started it about 6 weeks ago.

  5. This diet is working for me. After 5 days, I’m down 4 pounds. 11 more to go! I am doing seasoning, like black pepper and sea salt though. But this is a major change from my old habits. My skin is notably clearer and I no longer have digestion issues. This is the way to go!

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