Improv Training Simulator

If you were studying to be an airline pilot, you would have to log many hours in flying simulators. It’s my understanding that these simulators are often programmed to put the pilot into crisis situations: the cabin loses pressure, an engine catches fire, one of the many mechanical systems fail. The trainee goes through the simulation and tries various strategies to get out of the crisis and land the plane. Sometimes they fail, sometimes they figure out a solution. After the simulation is done, a trainer reviews what the trainee did and gives them feedback. They then try again to see if they can do better the next time.

Imagine if you had a similar machine for improv training. Maybe it works a bit like the Holodeck from Star Trek. You program it so that a student can go in and practice certain nightmare scenarios, like a belligerent scene partner or one that fails to add anything to the scene, stands there blankly and occasionally asks questions like, “Where are we?” The student could run the simulation over and over again, trying one strategy after another to see if they can survive the scene.

What might be some improv crisis situations that you would like programmed into the machine so that you could practice?

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