IRC Podcast with Jimmy Carrane

I uploaded another episode of my improv podcast today. This week’s guest is Jimmy Carrane. We talk about grounded scenework, the third choice, reality transaction scenes, commitment, silent scenes, side coaching and group therapy.

I’ve known Jimmy for a long time and known of him even longer. He was a founding member of Jazz Freddy, a show which amazed and inspired me as a young improvisor in the early ’90s. Later we got a chance to work together on Naked a show that Rob Mello directed and starring Jimmy and Stephnie Weir. I produced the show and was the assistant director. I was extremely proud of Naked when we put it up. The idea of the show was simple, two characters, one hour, one scene. It pushed the performers to be grounded and real in a way that few shows had before. Jimmy and Stephnie rose to the occasion again and again during the run.

If you’d like to take a workshop from Jimmy, his email address is at the end of the episode. You might also check out his Facebook page, Jimmy Carrane Improv. Also, Jimmy is the co-author of Improvising Better: A Guide for the Working Improviser with Liz Allen, one of the most useful books on improv that I’ve ever read.

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