IRC Podcast with Armando Diaz

Finally, it’s here! I’ve uploaded another episode of my podcast. This interview is with Armando Diaz, founder of the Magnet Theater. We talked about connecting with your scene partner, initiations, using improv to write and how to teach better.

It’s been almost five months since I put up a podcast. I recorded this one in June. I have another one from June that I hope to get up next week. These would have been up much sooner, but my mother passed away in July and my father had a stroke in August. As you can imagine, updating the podcast hasn’t been a priority and once I had taken a couple of months to take care of family matters, it proved difficult for me to jump back in and get these uploaded.

However, I’m back and should have enough time to get this going again. I’d love for this to be weekly, but I know myself better than to promise that right now. I’m going to be acquiring some new recording equipment that should allow me to finally do in-person interviews. So you should look forward to a whole bunch of new interviews going up in the coming months.

1 thought on “IRC Podcast with Armando Diaz”

  1. Hi Kevin,

    I follow your blog and took a workshop with you during DCM. My deepest sympathies for the great losses you have experienced. I have an aging mother and will soon be dealing with many of the issues you have over the last years. Your perspective on putting your career on hold to take care of her was quite enriching to me personally and very apropos.

    Glad to have the podcasts back, and looking forward to continuing to learn from you!


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