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This past weekend, I was in New York for a visit. It was a fun whirlwind of events. I arrived on Friday in time to rehearse with my 3 on 3 team and play in one of the first round shows on Friday night. On Saturday, I taught a workshop and performed four times, once in a jam in the basement of a bar on seventh avenue, once at the Magnet Theater with Theory of Everything, and two more shows at the UCB–we made it to the finals of the 3 on 3 Tourney. Sunday, was all about my podcast.

In the afternoon, I recorded a couple of hours with a teacher from the UCB whom I’ve wanted to interview for some time. I’ll be whittling that down to a podcast soon. And in the evening I did my first podcast recorded live in front of an audience. The show was at the People’s Improv Theater and featured three teachers, Ed Herbstman of the Magnet, Nate Starkey of the PIT and Porter Mason of the UCB. For both of these, I was using my new digital recorder and I think it came out great. I posted the podcast up today. I hope you enjoy it.

One thing that I especially liked about the panel interview approach, is that the conversation flowed quite naturally and I think we each gave each other ideas. The end result is probably better than if I tried to interview them separately. One topic flowed to the next and when we finished–about 20 minutes over–we still had plenty to talk about. I hope I’ll be able to do these live panels again.

If you are an organizer for an improv festival or schedule shows for a theater and would like me to do one of these live at your venue, please let me know.

And finally, if you are in New York, and enjoyed this live podcast, do me a favor and pick out another show to see at the PIT, go to see it and be sure to tell the manager that Kevin Mullaney from the IRC Podcast told you to go. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “IRC Podcast Live in New York”

  1. Kevin, I really enjoyed your live from NYC podcast. Thanks for putting it out!

    Here’s a nearly totally-unrelated question: do you mind if I ask what digital recorder you used? I’m considering buying one, and your speakers’ voices came out very clear and easy to understand. I can’t think of a way to convince manufacturers to let me try-before-I-buy in the field, so, I’m looking for recommendations.

    Thanks much, for the tech advice and the great podcasts,

    + Mel

  2. Mel,

    I’m using the Zoom H4n. It’s pretty great. It has two built in mics which do a good job in a quiet room and then it has two inputs which can either be xlr or 1/4 inch. It can even record on four channels (the two built in mics + the two inputs).

    Good luck!

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