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I’ve posted a new episode of the IRC Podcast. The guest is Paul Grondy who has been teaching at iO in Chicago since 1997. He teaches students how to do the Harold and so we talk about Harold structure, the principles of group work, being tender and heartfelt, knowing what you know, and group things.

Two links I mentioned in the intro:

8 thoughts on “IRC Podcast with Paul Grondy”

  1. I absolutely love your podcasts (even if I don’t always know exactly what you are talking about – still need to “google” the “Harold”).

  2. Thank you & this is kind of my theory on applying improv principles to scrapbooking Link:

    Scrapbooking is my main hobby and I took an improv class last summer with Toby Martini – and thought of so many ways improv concepts could help in the creative process of scrapbooking & any other creativity based activity really – so that’s sort of how I became such a fan of yours. I seriously love your podcast, it always gets me thinking.

  3. Ok, that’s an awesome link on the Harold. Plus I think this kind of structure can be applied to other creative / artistic forms (like scrapbooking). Thank you for the link, I would love to school myself more in the concepts of improv – not to become an improv person – but to apply the concepts to other areas of life (although I do think that there is nothing else like participating in an intro to improv class and that type of thing must be personally experienced for the learning to occur).

    For some reason, I thought Harold had something to do with Harold & Maude (the movie).

  4. Hey Kevin. Not to be totally pesky, but I wanted to share this with you – it is my concept of applying improv techniques to other creative processes (like scrapbooking in my case). This is a link to my youtube video on this topic – I do my youtube videos kind of improv in that I don’t plan them out, I just press record and start talking – so they tend to be a bit long, but if you start at / fast forward to 8:35 – 10:00 – a minute & a half – you’ll kind of get the point.

    Here is the link:

    I guess I just wanted to share, and say again that I love your podcast.

  5. Hi. Me again. Funny enough (with piling on the comments), I’m writing ask if you have blog link or article about the improv concept of “piling it on” or the improv class exercise “the minister’s cat” game? I’m writing a scrapbooking improv blog post about that concept of storytelling by using a prompt, like say livestock or lumber, and then thinking up ten stories and how using a one prompt idea and then having to think up all those stories is a bit like playing the minister’s cat game; and wanted a reference link so I sound a little more like I know what I’m talking about 😉

    Thank you!

  6. I’m saddened when I hear people who say they hate organic sound and movement type group games or openings. Those are some of the most fun/funny/supportive/best improv scenes that I have been a part of, and quite frankly the pure essence of what improv is when everyone jumps onboard. I would venture to bet that people who don’t like doing these are more interested in their words/ideas and writing a scene than in truly pure supporting. OR they are embarrassed by looking like an ass in front of an audience, which is the first thing that people should shake when doing improv.

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