10 Reasons This Class Will Be Awesome

Yesterday I announced that I will be teaching a class at Upstairs Gallery in June and July. Here are 10 reasons why this class will be awesome.

  1. Kevin Mullaney (me) is one of the most experienced teachers in Chicago. He has been coaching long form improv since 1995 and teaching since 1997. He taught well over 100 classes in New York for the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater.
  2. Smaller class size: This class will have 14 people or less in it. I’ve seen classes in Chicago with more than 20 people in them. Honestly, that sucks for the student. Smaller class sizes mean more chances to try exercises and to learn by doing.
  3. Smaller team size: Team size will be limited to 7 people max for performances. New performers in Chicago are typically put on teams with 10 players, sometimes more. That’s too many people. 7 people per team means that each person will have plenty of room to contribute to the shows.
  4. Less expensive: $175, about half the cost of a regular improv class.
  5. 4 performances: Most improv classes only have 1 performance.
  6. Performances begin in the middle of the session, not after the class is over. This means we will be able to work in class on problems that arise in the shows.
  7. Shows are free! Invite your friends to come see you for free. Or if the class decides to, they can ask for donations and split the money.
  8. Shows are BYOB! Even more reason to invite your friends.
  9. Upstairs Gallery is a beautiful space to rehearse and perform in and the people that run it are super nice.
  10. After class, you get to hang out in Andersonville, a truly awesome neighborhood.

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  1. This class will be awesome for one additional reason… Kevin Mullaney is not only a really experienced teacher but an exceptional one who can draw great choices out of you. If you don’t leave the class a better improviser you were napping or didnt attend.

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