Advanced Improv Intensive at UCBT in August

I’ll be teaching a week long intensive class at UCB Theatre in August. It’s going to be in the afternoons 1-5pm, August 6-10th. It will cover a variety of topics like improvising from the gut, la rondes, character wheels, weird Harolds and more. It’s going to be posted today on the UCB website and should be open for registration in about 20 minutes.

2 thoughts on “Advanced Improv Intensive at UCBT in August”

  1. Wanted to take this incredible class, but can’t get in with no past UCB classes. If that changes please let me know. Would love to have an opportunity to study with you.

  2. Perhaps when I come out next time, I’ll look into a doing a class that anyone could take. I am planning some workshops in Philly the weekend before. I don’t think those will have the same kinds of restrictions.

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