Mullaney Chain line up, January 9th

Here is the line up for this Wednesday’s Mullaney Chain: I asked Dina Facklis (Second City Tourco, Virgin Daiquiri, Armando), she asked Jeff Murdoch (ButchMAX), he asked Jo Scott (Henrietta Pussycat, Super Human, WiseSnatch, Meow Meow Ruff) and she asked Tim Reardon (ButchMAX).

Dina Facklis Jeff Murdoch Jo Scott Tim Reardon

By the way, this is the second time Tim has been asked to be a part of Mullaney Chain. Matt Manley asked him to be in the show a few months back when we played at Upstairs Gallery. One thing I’m noticing is that not only do people choose good improvisors when they get a chance to invite someone, they tend to ask super nice people as well. The show always seems to be filled with generous, cool people and it’s one reason why I love doing it.

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