Chicago Improv Practice Group

A couple years ago, when I first moved back to Chicago, I started a Meetup group for actors and improvisers to get together and practice their craft. We had some good practice sessions, but I shelved the project when things started to get busy for me in other areas. However, I recently decided to rekindle the project and refocus it just on improvisation. It’s now called the Chicago Improv Practice Group.

I anticipate setting up and running two types of events. One event will be open practice sessions with experienced coaches, like myself. These events will cost between $10 and $20 and last 2-3 hours. I’m going to start with setting up one event a month and we will grow it from there depending on the demand. Perhaps we will eventually have some weekly ones which will act like an inexpensive drop in class. The first of these will be on May 18th and cost $10.

The other major type of event will be in conjunction with Improv To Go, a new web site and app that I’ll be plugging soon. In those sessions, we’ll be inviting improvisers to a get together where we will be trying out exercises that we publish on the new app.

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