Hump Night News

I have a bunch of things to announce about Hump Night. First off, we will be extending at least until July. Here are the dates of all the Hump Night shows that we have scheduled:

Second, I’m looking for musical acts for Hump Night. If you are interested in submitting your self or your group, check out that posting in Craigslist and respond to it.

Third, over the next few shows, the improv hour will begin to feature house teams formed from some of my recent students. Richard and the Kids is the first one featuring: Richard Scruggs, Jude Tedmori, Kyle Reinhard, Alex Hanpeter, Bethanie John, Matt Pina, and Matt Visconage. Others will be added in May.

If you haven’t checked out the lineup for this week’s Hump Night, it’s going to be really great. Mullaney Chain will feature John Hildreth, Lori McClain, Nicky Margolis and Tim Paul. Hope to see you there.

Pictures from Hump Night

Some photos from Hump Night, April 10th at Strawdog Theatre:

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Pictures by Lisa Hanna Akroush

Susan Messing will be my guest in Mullaney Chain

Hump Night returns after our sellout show last week with a post Chicago Improv Festival night full of delicious comedy.

7:30 – The Improv Hour
featuring two groups:
Dinosaur with Lauren Gilbert and Aaron Burns
& Barrel Roll with Kate Anderson, Shaun Clayton, Fuzzy Gerdes, Jose Gonzalez, Shaun Himmerick, Greg Inda, Erica Reid

8:30 – The Variety Hour
with a story by J. W. Basilo, standup by Will Meinen and Lane Pieschel, sketch by Princess Palace, and more sketch by Bethanie John

9:45 – Mullaney Chain
with guest improvisors Susan Messing, Lauren Dowden, plus two more to be named