Donating by texting – Haiti earthquake relief

UPDATE 8:10PM – There is obviously more to the story, many of these fees are being waved. I’m sifting through what information I can. There is some information on these donations on the Consumerist and Consumer Reports.

Perhaps you have seen this making the rounds on Facebook status updates:

Text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to American Red Cross relief for Haiti.

It seems like a great idea, right? I’ve seen these before for other non-profits, namely various public radio fundraisers. It would seem like a great way to get people to donate. It’s fast and easy, allowing people to give precisely at the moment when their impulse to give is strongest. They don’t have to fire up their computer, find the website, fill out a form with their credit card, etc.

If you have an unlimited texting plan, and want to do this, go for it! But if you pay for each text message you send, keep reading before you donate.

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