Roads I’m Not Going to Take

I’m having trouble deciding what I’m going to do when I grow up. It’s easier to eliminate all the things that I either cannot do, or have no desire to do. Here are 10 things I will not be doing.

  1. I will not work in an office that requires a tie.
  2. I will not become a Christian missionary to Africa or Asia or anywhere else for that matter.
  3. I will not become a pharmaceutical rep.
  4. I will not become a jazz singer.
  5. I will not tour every Major League Baseball park in America.
  6. I will not sell major appliances, electronics, automobiles or real estate.
  7. I will not open a franchise restaurant.
  8. I will not become a lawyer.
  9. I will not become a butcher.
  10. I will not be a jet pilot.

What’s interesting to me is how many things that I think of and then discard from this list, because I can still see myself doing those things. Even eliminating absurd options is hard for me.