How to excel at scenework and influence improvisors – part 3

  • “We don’t do short form, we do long form. It’s much more sophisticated and interesting.”
  • “Improv? I don’t do improv comedy. I do improvisational theater!”
  • “You know how they are so obsessed with game? Well we just follow our gut and let what’s funny take care of itself.”

Odds are, if you are an improvisor, you have said something like this when describing your work. You might even have some statement like this in the description of your group or show, maybe even your personal bio. And maybe you have heard someone else say something similar, contrasting what they do with what you do and casting your work in a negative light. Chances are you have felt that defensive lurch in your belly, a wave of anger as you think of things to say in response, to put them in their place.

Me? I’ve been on both sides of this. Continue reading “How to excel at scenework and influence improvisors – part 3”