First Five Days on Low Carb

So far so good. I’ve made it through the first five full days on a low carb diet. Besides a small serving of berries and full fat yogurt each day, my diet has been meat, egg and cheese (usually with a serving or two of green leafy vegetables a day). My typical breakfast looks like this:

Low Carb Breakfast - Eggs and Ham

After five days, I’ve had no real weight loss. After a big meal, I’ve occasionally felt a bit overfull, which probably means I’m eating more than I need to. And on day two I had a small carb crash. But in general I’ve felt good. I haven’t felt very hungry. The food is relatively satisfying and the restrictions haven’t been hard to stay within. I miss the fruits and vegetables a bit, but I’m thinking that I’ll add a few servings of them back eventually.

I’ve also noticed many slight improvements like better oral hygiene, and there is no delicate way to put this… I have no gas. Yep all you vegetarians, I can confirm, it’s the carbs that are making you fart. I’ve had barely a peep the last few days.

Is this too much information? I think it might be, but in order for this experience to be of any use to something reading this, they have to hear the details. With all this fat in my diet I’m experiencing none of following:

  • Heartburn
  • Gas
  • Indigestion
  • Constipation
  • Abdominal pain or discomfort

In other words, the body seems to process this food easily. This is hardly surprising since humans have been meat eaters for something like 200 million years. But it’s also not very meaningful. It will take a few months like this to figure out if there is much benefit to it.

Lastly, I think that my gallbladder feels a bit better. Of course, I’ve not had an attack, but also, the slight pressure that I’ve often felt on my right side is missing. Again this doesn’t prove much, since I’ve had plenty of good days over the last six months. The real proof will be having another ultrasound in months and finding that the gallbladder looks much better. I’m looking forward to a checkup after 3 or 4 months free of any gallbladder issues and report to my doctor that I achieved it by doing the exact opposite of what he suggested with lots of cholesterol rich foods like eggs and cheese.

Oh and I would not recommend this to someone who is having gallbladder issues. It’s a shot in the dark and I could easily be very wrong. Check back in a few months and I’ll let you know if I’m still feeling better.

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  1. Food for thought, pun intended.
    I recently read a book by Tim Ferriss called the four hour body, excellent book & nice followup to his original best seller The four hour work week. There are many different ways to follow his suggestions in the book but the crux of the concepts may revolve around what Ferriss calls a ‘slow carb diet’. I have followed these principles largely(sans drinking calories via Heinekens) and amazingly w/out following the workout or much else have w/out much effort lost near 10lbs and have remained at that weight for two months now. Great read in general, but if you just wanted to consider the diet, you can find it here: My meals have cost me quite a bit less to make, I am eating more beans than I thought I would for a lifetime and the weight comes off without much thought. Enjoy…

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