I Started a Book Club

Book Club IconI started a book club through meetup.com. If anyone has some recommendations for good contemporary fiction, please let me know. I’d like to work out my list for the first few months.

What are the requirements for inclusion on my list? Books must be in paperback and ubiquitous enough to be found in a local library. A big bonus if they are available for the Kindle (I may only use Kindle-available books for purely selfish reasons). Oh and they must be good books, hopefully with a bit of an edge.

I’m also considering doing some kind of virtual version of the book club. Perhaps I would do it in SecondLife, or via a group in Facebook or on my message board. Sounds like fun and not that much more work since we would read the same book in the different locations.

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  1. Here is some recent paperback fiction:

    Surveillance by Jonathan Raban – Not as widely available as other books, but maybe worth hunting down. Note: Everyone HATES the ending, but from a discussion group standpoint, at least it’s something to talk about.

    After This by Alice McDermott – Strangely elliptical but compelling fiction about generational turmoil for a Catholic family from WWII to the 70s.

    I just started Michael Ondaatje’s Divisadero, which I’m enjoying, but I’m not far enough along to recommend yet.

    Contemporary but not as recent:

    Little America by Henry Bromell – This is really interesting, kind of timely, and obscure enough that everyone hasn’t already read it. Plus, he’s a great storyteller (used to write for Northern Exposure and Homicide).

    Manhattan Nocturne by Colin Harrison – Or any of his books, really. He’s a great contemporary crime writer who is also literate (University of Iowa grad) so his books are compelling but well written.

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