Help promote the Chicago Improv Festival

I got an email from one of the performers in next week’s Chicago Improv Festival asking what they could do to help promote the festival. Here is my response.

  • First thing to do is make sure you are on the performer email list. This list is where we send special information only for performers (like the secret show on Saturday night only available to CIF Performers).
  • Help us promote on Facebook. What has become obvious is that it really makes a difference when people share their shows on Facebook. Most of the people who have explored the CIF website in the past few weeks have gotten there because someone shared a link on Facebook. It’s far more effective that Facebook ads. With that in mind, we are asking CIF performers to like the CIF Facebook page and RSVP to the CIF Facebook Event for next week. Next find your event(s) on the CIF Website and share the link on your Facebook wall.
  • Take some pictures when you are at CIF and please share them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram and mention CIF when you do.

Please keep in mind when you are promoting shows at CIF, that CIF is produced by Chicago Improv Productions, a not for profit who mission is “to celebrate the present, honor the past, and showcase the future of improvisational theatre, in all of its multi-disciplinary expressions, through local, regional, national, and international prespectives; by presenting and producing performances and workshops for both the general public and practicing improvisational theatre artists.”

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In Praise of Matt Pack

I finally got on facebook. So far it’s been a great tool for me to reconnect with a lot of people that I lost track of the last couple of years. It’s very easy to feel isolated out here from all the great people I met in Chicago and New York. Facebook is a little more engaging than just emails to keep in touch. Plus they just added chat!

Matt Pack - this image linked without explicit permission from whimsicalfilm.comOne of the first people I had a nice chat with was Matt Pack. He mentioned the radio program he’s working on, Fair Game with Faith Salie. So I added the show to my podcaster and loaded 20 episodes to my mp3 player this morning.

What a great show. It’s mainly an interview format in the same category as say Fresh Air, which I also love, but younger and funnier with comedy bits sprinkled in. Faith Salie is a good interviewer and the show genuinely made me laugh. The first episode I listened to featured a sort of op-ed segment by Matt Pack. It was a nice surprise since Matt only said he was writing for the show. I didn’t realize he did on air segments as well.

I ended up thinking about Matt a lot today on my drive as I listened to the show, and I felt compelled to post something about him. He is one of those rare people who always makes you feel better. I can’t think of time that I’ve seen Matt Pack and haven’t felt happier because of it. He has an infectious smile and is just a great guy to hang out with. Hell, I feel better just thinking about Matt now.

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I Started a Book Club

Book Club IconI started a book club through If anyone has some recommendations for good contemporary fiction, please let me know. I’d like to work out my list for the first few months.

What are the requirements for inclusion on my list? Books must be in paperback and ubiquitous enough to be found in a local library. A big bonus if they are available for the Kindle (I may only use Kindle-available books for purely selfish reasons). Oh and they must be good books, hopefully with a bit of an edge.

I’m also considering doing some kind of virtual version of the book club. Perhaps I would do it in SecondLife, or via a group in Facebook or on my message board. Sounds like fun and not that much more work since we would read the same book in the different locations.