The Unprocessed Food Diet – the first month

About a month ago, I changed my eating habits quite drastically. This is an update on how it’s going.

First off, I’m mostly over my cravings. I no longer feel like I did when I was quitting smoking. In the first week, I was a bit obsessed with food, and I never felt satiated. Now, I’m feeling much more in balance and less obsessed. If there is a sugary treat in front of me, I do find it hard to resist, but if none is around, I’m not thinking about it. Secondly, I’m feeling much fuller when I eat then I did before I started this. I can eat a serving of spinach and a poached egg and feel very satisfied for several hours. When I eat an average sized meal, I will often feel stuffed. I’m having no trouble feeling satiated by simple vegetables, meat, whole grain bread and brown rice. I’m still having butter on my toast and drinking whole milk, but I don’t need it to feel full.

I have continued to lose weight, almost 10 pounds since I started. I think I would have lost more by now, except that every weekend, I’ve ended up going off the diet for a meal or two and gaining some back. I lose weight all week only to bounce on the weekend from some restaurant meals or a house party. Still, by mid week I seem to be on track again. I anticipate having less trouble with this over the coming weeks, since my Saturday plans will not be including many parties or meals at restaurants.

I would definitely recommend this approach, however, you most likely will have to stay on the plan indefinitely to keep the weight off. I think you would be able to indulge in the occasional treat, but the bulk of your eating would have to remain, whole, unprocessed foods, simply cooked.

This is not a short cut. That’s fine with me. And I think it allows for occasionally eating more indulgent meals. I’m not sure how much I want them though. Yesterday, I had a lovely piece of chicken, some asparagus and some brown rice for dinner. It tasted great.

Unprocessed Food Diet
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7 thoughts on “The Unprocessed Food Diet – the first month”

  1. I have found that apples to me taste sweeter now than when I ate processed foods. Do you find food tasting different?

  2. I just wanted to give congratulations to you Kevin. Eating (and living) unprocessed has changed my life for the better in so many ways. I feel better both physically and about the way I’m interacting with our environment. Good work!

    [Becky] As for the apples….I’ve eaten unprocessed food for a year now and wow, now I use apple juice for sweetener in my tea!

  3. I found it hard to stick with honestly. It has had a lasting impact on how I try to eat. I tend to eat very simple meals, mostly whole foods cooked with a minimum of oil and usually no seasoning. I am still convinced it’s a very healthy way of eating though, I just don’t follow it to the letter anymore.

    My weight has fluctuated considerably, especially when I’ve not eaten as well as I could. But I still maintain my weight under 180 most of the time. I’d love to get that well below 170, but it’s just not happening with my current habits.

  4. Interesting. I remember when you discussed the idea on the SLD forums. I was wondering if you had trialed the bland diet to any length, and yes, it sounds like you did, and couldn’t tolerate it. Ever since that discussion I have been wondering about running an n=1 trial with bland food, but, you know, it’s so unappealing, so I kept running other experiments. As of now, I’m leaning much more towards what the Jaminets argue over at the Perfect Health Diet blog.

    By the way, if you ever perform in St. Louis, please ping me at the email address. Thanks.

    — Kirk

  5. Well, my diet is a lot blander than it used to be. I will occasionally use some salsa on a dish, but when I’m eating in, it’s usually simple whole foods cooked without any seasoning. I’m not strict about it, however.

    My body just seems very stuck at the moment.

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