IRC Podcast with Tara Defrancisco

Episode #5 of the IRC Podcast has just been uploaded. Tara Defrancisco is a former member of the Second City Touring Company. She performs and teaches for iO Theater and ComedySportz in Chicago. She discusses several exercises she uses in her classes and workshops. We start by talking about "What’s in the Box?" a short form exercise to help people make quick decisions and to yes and those decisions. Next we talk about an exercise where students initiate scenes as if they are expressing an important idea to a real person in their life. Last we discuss a couple of exercises designed to get students to make new and different character choices in their scenes.

I’d like to note that we mention Susan Messing (Annoyance and iO) and Noah Gregoropoulos (iO) during the podcast but only mention their first names.

For more info on Tara, check out her website, And don’t forget to become at fan of the podcast on Facebook:

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  1. Full disclosure, I allegedly know the subject of this interview. Despite that (nyuk) really enjoyed this! Heard some things that I’m eager to try and, bonus, found a new podcast. Thanks!

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