IRC Podcast with Kurt Braunohler

Yesterday, I uploaded episode #10 of my improv podcast. This week my guest is Kurt Braunohler. I really enjoyed this conversation. We began by talking about how one goes about teaching Harold, but we quickly moved on to other topics like solo improv, image streaming and viewpoints. Finally we talked briefly about Caligula, an exercise that we talked about in the Susan Messing podcast.

Kurt is a teacher and performer at the People’s Improv Theater. He can be seen performing with Big Black Car and The Faculty. He is also a stand up comedian and performs at various venues around NYC. Several of his shows have appeared at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. He has also appeared at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with his comedy partner, Kristen Schaal.

2 thoughts on “IRC Podcast with Kurt Braunohler”

  1. Hi Kevin.
    Love the podcast. I am a podcaster also, and I have committed this offense, and learned through my mistakes, so now I want to share it with you.
    When you have a guest mention an excercise like Caligula and talk about how important it is…you should also have them briefly describe it.
    I know as an interviewer sometimes we are interested in going somewhere else..but belieive me..there are plenty of people listening going “What is Caligula?” they cant even do a web search because if they type in Caligula to google…well, you know what will pop up.
    Anyways…love love love love love love the podcast.

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