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A few months ago, I started a podcast on improv. To publish the actual RSS feed for the podcast I used an open source PHP script called Podcast Generator. I’ve been very happy with it. It allowed me to setup the website for the podcast very quickly. It doesn’t even require a MySQL database. It handled everything seamlessly. My podcast was listed on iTunes within minutes of uploading the first mp3 file to my site.

However, there was a problem. One of the things that I assumed it would handle was the image that you see on your iPod while it is playing. When you add a new podcast to the RSS stream, the script requires you to assign an image for iTunes. And when you search for the podcast on iTunes, you do see an image for the show. But that was not enough to get the image on my iPod. When you listen to the first 10 episodes of my podcast, you won’t see an image on your iPod.

I finally decided to research it today. The solution is pretty simple. You have to embed the image into the mp3 file before you upload it to your website. As far as I know, you must use iTunes to add the artwork. First you create the image using Photoshop or GIMP. It should be a square image. Mine is a 300 x 300 pixel jpg, the same size you use for the iTunes store image. Once you have the image, you should:

  1. Open iTunes on your computer.
  2. Add/import the mp3 file to iTunes library.
  3. Right click on the mp3 in iTunes and choose Get Info.
  4. Click on the Artwork tab and add the image.

Now the mp3 file on your hard drive is ready to upload to your website and be added to your RSS feed.

If you want some more detailed instructions with images, you can look at the original post where I found the solution.

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