Fediverse enabled!

You can now follow this blog via Mastodon, Pixelfed or any number of other ActivityPub enabled services. The address is: mullaney@kevinmullaney.com

It took some doing, but I was able to get it working. First I added the ActivityPub plugin from WordPress. I had hoped it worked right out of the box, but it did not. The plugin checks various things under “site-health” and after much fiddling, I managed to get all the warnings but one figured out. It had to do with an endpoint called “webfinger” that mastodon uses.

The reason it doesn’t work has something to do with my hosting company’s environment set up. And after lots of back and forth with them I gave up on them. I eventually found a solution here: https://github.com/Automattic/wordpress-activitypub/issues/188

I set up a json file for my profile info and voila, suddenly it worked. So now you can follow this blog directly on the fediverse!

Updates – iPhone WordPress themes and podcasts

If by chance you are looking at this blog via a phone or other mobile device like an iPhone, you should notice something different. I have installed a new theme and plugin for WordPress called WPtouch. Basically it is a theme to make the site look good on mobile devices. It’s also includes the behind-the-scenes code that automatically switches your view if you access the blog using a small screen. If you notice any problems viewing this site on your phone, let me know. It looks pretty good on my iPod Touch.

Also, I’ve been working on the pilot episode of a podcast. I think it’s ready to go, but I want to wait to see how it looks through the iTunes store before I start plugging it. Come back tomorrow if you want to hear it. It should be ready by then.